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    Lanlay Revita Capsules

    Sexual dysfunction is a growing concern for both men and women and has been trending to become a chronic complaint in recent years. It may be due to stress producing lifestyles, the side effects of certain drugs or pesticides or other maladies but the resulting condition has brought sexual dysfunction into the spotlight as an urgent issue. Premature ejaculation and impotence are the most common manifestations of sexual dysfunction in men and even people with relatively good health may require treatment.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, a  ‘kidney deficiency’ is thought to cause these declines in bodily functions and cause chronic diseases. By healing the ‘kidney deficiency’, it is believed that the body will heal itself and over time, correct the sexual dysfunction and restore balance to the endocrine system. Today, in the marketplace we see a glut of promotions promising to stimulate organ erection but the results are only temporary in nature and do not result in the restoration of normal sexual functions. Lanlay Herbal Revita Capsules will help to heal the conditions behind sexual dysfunction and promote both long-term healing and short-term results.

    What are the Ingredients and what do they do?

    The main ingredient comes from a naturally occurring plant called “Tongkat Ali”, which is found in the mountainous rainforests of the Malay Peninsula, and Indonesia. Tongkat, in Islamic text, is a ‘walking stick’, Ali refers to an ‘uncle’. The term is a colourful reference to ‘Uncle Cane’, the user of the ‘walking stick’ since the people used Tongkat Ali as a ‘crutch’ to restore health.

    Research shows that it is the plant’s chemical composition that promotes the production of testosterone, which enhances male hormones and stimulates the genital organs and the hormones needed for brain development. During ancient times, the people of Indonesia and Malaysia used Tongkat Ali as a natural aphrodisiac, to restore themselves ‘back to youthful vigor’ and enhance physical strength and vitality.

    In addition to Tongkat Ali, the Revita contain Carthamoides Extract, Siberian ginseng, grape seed, Rhodiola rosea and other natural herbal ingredients that promote sexual function and include a bonus of safe and effective antioxidants. These additional ingredients, when combined with Tongkat Ali, stimulate your body into a healing process that balances your endocrine system and restores your youthful sexual functions. Taking Revitalizing Capsules not only improves sexual function for the moment, but also can give you back your energy over the long term rather causing a dependence on pharmaceutical stimulants.


    Male (over 18 years old) take one capsule per time OR as directed by a health care practitioner.


    Do not use if you suffer from high, blood pressure or heart disease. Keep out of the reach of children.

  • Lanlay Vita-X Revita Capsules - 100% Natural long lasting vital evergy for men
  • Lanlay Vita-X Revita Capsules - 100% Natural long lasting vital evergy for men

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