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    *Please note* This therapeutic spa experience is provided in store ONLY.

    The LANLAY Natural Detox Spa gives you the healing comfort of Far Infrared Technology (FIR), which is commonly associated with saunas, combined with the balancing effects of negative ions. This technology was developed at the beginning of the millennium by Mr. Chen Hung Lieh of Taiwan, who researched new ways of improving the benefits of the Far Infrared’s healing rays.

    This Spa radiates deep, healing warmth, inducing perspiration in order to detoxify the body without physical stress and exercise and delivers Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and the balancing

    effect of negative ions (or Anions), simultaneously transferring them deep into the skin which cleanses and detoxifies the body by removing toxins through the sweat glands. Negative ions are also helpful in eliminating free radicals and restoring balance to the body’ssystems. They effectively aid in the self-healing of cells and reinvigorate and strengthen the organs which allow the body’s immune system to improve bodily functions. The spa experience results in a natural feeling that is like being warmed by the morning sun.

    The Benefits of Negative Ions (Anions)

    Negative ions play a vital role in a human body and work as antioxidants to help neutralize harmful toxins and shield the body from their harmful effects. These fundamental benefits of negative ions work together to promote the holistic rejuvenation of the body. They help to repair blood vessel cells that keep the blood vessels from thickening and hardening. Negative ions also help to keep the blood clean by neutralizing harmful particles which cause clogging in the blood vessels, and improve the blood’s ability to transport vital nutrients to the cells and toxins away from them. This promotes healthful cellular activities, and in turn improves organ function. Negative ions can therefore be a key to improved general health.

    Specific Benefits

    The LANLAY Natural Detox Spa helps to remove many toxins from the blood
    stream and organs, including free radicals, lactate, radiation, residual alcohol, residual medications, chemicals and heavy metals absorbed
    from air, food, and water. It is not only beneficial in relieving chronic health problems
    (such as fatigue, migraine, aches and pains, itchiness, soreness, and stiffness) but also rejuvenates the skin and makes it appear smoother and younger.

    The Technique

    The shell of the LANLAY Natural Detox Spa technique is a unique vessel lined with an
    exclusive 708 Energy Rock, a Japanese tourmaline (unique to only one region in the
    world). When it is heated, the 708 Energy Rock simultaneously emits both FIR and
    negative ions. The combined use of these together results in a level of detoxification and
    cellular repair which is far deeper and more thorough than that of most saunas. The rocks
    themselves, however, stay cool to the touch, and the temperature within the private spa
    remains much lower than that of a traditional sauna. Although temperatures will rise to 42
    degrees Celsius in the private spa, the heat rises gradually and in a relaxing manner so
    that the individual becomes accustomed to the heat.

    With regular steam baths or saunas, external heat penetrates to the lower layer of the skin
    to cause perspiration but not enough to fully detoxify it. In contrast, the Lanlay Natural Detox Spa penetrates more than four centimeters into the skin, and even into the internal organs and bone marrow. The perspiration arising from deep within the skin thus carries with it toxins and other unwanted substances that have accumulated within the body and allows them to be excreted.
  • LANLAY Detox Spa
  • LANLAY Detox Spa

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