• Herbal Tooth Powder 20 gm (CPN 271612)

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    A New Herbal Dental Treatment:

    The Lanlay Herbal Tooth Powder is 100% natural and extremely beneficial in preventing the onset of afflictions like periodontal disease, gingivitis, toothaches, tooth decay, wobbly teeth and halitosis. It naturally provides a long-term complete protection and a brighter and healthier glow for the teeth and the gums.

    The sea salt used in Lanlay Herbal Tooth Powder is known for toothache remedy. It naturally provides antibacterial protection and protects tooth enamel against damage and cavities. Psoraleae is an extract that is derived from the fruit Fructus Psoraleae which is advantageous to cure bone diseases as well as increasing bone density and strength. Eclipta prevents skin diseases, cures inflammation, cuts or burns and helps to stop the bleeding. Angelica is a Chinese herb that helps to promote blood circulation, reduce the pain, fighting infections and ulcers. Mint causes freshness and prevents teeth from plague. Asarum causes reduction in pain, cures bronchitis and helps with respiratory diseases.


    Dip dry brush into Lanlay Herbal Tooth Powder and apply on your teeth. For best results, it is recommended to use it twice daily (morning & night). Rinse with water after brushing. The product lasts at least for two months, if used according to the directions given above.


    Sea Salt, Eclipta, Angelica, Mint, Asarum

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