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    The formation and types of discoloration

    1. When we expose our skin to the sun, our body is equipped with melanin secretions to protect against the damaging UV rays that cause pigmentation such as freckles, and age spots.  Most people will notice that it fades away by itself after 2 weeks.  However, for people with slowed body renewal cycle or DNA repairing, the skin that has been over-exposed to UV rays often has a more permanent pigmentation problem since the damage cannot be self-repaired.

    2. The formation of age spots is brought on by the oxidative stress to the collagen tissues which causes structural changes, and leads to decreased cellular vitality of Elastin.  When the upper layer of real skin thins out, age spots frequently appear as signs of sun damage that have been done much earlier.  The diminished skin elasticity also generates wrinkles.

    3. Dark pigments (liver spots) sometimes develop through pregnancy, inflamed ovaries, and menopause or liver diseases.  Except for the black spots that were pregnancy-induced, which usually disappear after giving  birth, all other liver spots are difficult to treat.


    Salix Nigra, Chinese Herbal Extract, Abutine, Polyacrylamide, Cinnamon Extract, Vitamin E, Diazolidinyl  Urea,  Laminaria  Saccharina Extract,  Lavender Oil.


    LANLAY Fadeaway Cream does not contain fragrance.  Using only natural plant extracts, it does not harm your skin.  After one month of applying, you begin to notice a layered shedding.  The spots gradually lessen in color intensity and also start to shrink in size, promoting the skins elasticity, and preventing the age spots or black pigments to reform.


    After washing the face in the morning and at night, apply LANLAY Fadeaway Cream over the spots.  Combine with LANLAY Pharex Facial Wash, or LANLAY Botanical Facial Cleanser, because the scrubbing/massaging with the placenta exfoliates and metabolizes your skin quicker.

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