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    Increasingly, people are living very stressful lives, burdened with hectic work schedules, which increase both mental and physical stress levels.  This often leads to our muscles becoming stiff and losing sensitivities.  Many seek the help of prescription drugs that act as muscle relaxants or freezing sprays that provide temporary relief.  However, these people are unaware that a long-term dependence on these drugs would mask the real symptoms of stress and further exacerbate muscle soreness and stiffness.

    LANLAY has introduced the LANLAY Zepa Spray, which is made from various plant extracts and expensive herbs that have been pre-treated for 6 months prior to making this product.  LANLAY Zepa Spray contains agents that will relieve fatigue and diminish all sorts of muscle soreness.


    Curcumae Longae(Ginger), Angelicae Sinensis, Camphora, Chrysanthemi Indici, Asari, Salviae Iltiorrhizae.                        


    1. LANLAY Zepa Spray takes away the muscle soreness and fatigue that are experienced commonly after exercises, and it also helps you to recover your energy level.

    2. LANLAY Zepa Spray reacts to bruises after an injury and stimulates blood circulation.

    3. Long-term rheumatism, tight locked shoulder pain & shoulder joint inflammations can all be treated by first applying a heated towel to the affected site, then massage LANLAY Zepa Spray into the skin for relief.
    4. When you suffer from a fall on snow or ice, and hurt your backbone, just simply spray on LANLAY Zepa Spray into your skin with a light massage.  You would feel a great improvement within one week.


    1. Before you use LANLAY Zepa Spray, please apply heat onto the affected site.  Be sure to shake the bottle before spraying.  Massage moderately.  Repeat these steps 3 times to be sufficient.

    2. When you have an injury-related bruise, please DO NOT use heating packs or massage the area.  Simply spray on LANLAY Zepa Spray and then stimulate the area with light slapping.

    3. If you have a bleeding wound, please use LANLAY Magic Cream instead of LANLAY Zepa Spray.

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