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    Discover How To Eliminate Tar and Toxins From The Body Without Having To Quit Smoking!

    Benefits of TARAWAY

    1) Lab tests prove TarAway reduces cotinine levels, a key metabolite of nicotine.

    2) You spray TarAway on up to 5 cigarettes per day, each package lasts over a month.

    3) TarAway is a pure herbal anti-oxidant liquid with all-natural ingredients.

    TarAway is a new innovation from Lanlay, creators of all natural health and beauty products since 1936. Originally founded in New York state and now based in the greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.

    Be Aware! 4.85 million people die from smoking related diseases every year!

    Diseases Related to smoking:

    a) Heart and blood vessels diseases
    b) Emphysema
    c) Stomach ulcers
    d) Cirrhosis of liver
    e) Accelerates the again process of skin

    For a healthy individual, blood glucose is lower when it is close to regular meal times.  This stimulates rhythmic contractions in the stomach, giving us a sense of hunger.  Nicotine from a cigarette before a meal can reverse this normal process.  This is why people who are trying to give up smoking usually feel an increased appetite and gain weight in the early stages.

    Female smokers also carry a high chance of having a miscarriage and pre-term labour, as well as having babies with birth defects.  Nicotine is passed onto infants through breast-feeding.  Those babies are more likely to have development delays and mental disabilities in their early years.

    If you want to excrete the toxins of tar from your lungs, try TarAway!


    Bambusae, Glehniae, Ginseng, Ophiopogonis, Camphora, Schisandrae


    1. After lighting up, spray a small amount of Taraway on the cigarette. WARNING:  Do not spray on cigarette before lighting.

    2. Smoke as usual

    3. Use Taraway on no more than 5 cigarettes daily regardless of the number of cigarettes you smoke.

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