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    The science research results indicate that the possibility of contracting prostatitis, frequent urination or obstructed urethra is 55% in men turning 50, and 85% in men turning 70.

    How to treat Prostate Cancer:

    All prostate cancer patients undergo one of the surgical procedures of the following two types:

    a) One standard procedure is to cut off the infected prostate by inserting a small tube up through the urethra to the prostate.  The tubecomes equipped with a small lens and a loop of electrical wires.  Electrical current is passed through the wire to cut off the obstructing tissue.

    b) The second method is to freeze the obstructing tissue with a liquid form of nitrogen.  Once the obstructing tissue is dead, it will pass through with the urine.

    How to examine the prostate?

    The most important preventative measure against prostate cancer is to do annual check-up regularly.  It only takes a minute for the doctor to complete the analysis.  Usually the doctor can tell by performing a tactile examination and search for any irregular lumps around the size of a button.  Around 60% of the lumps are cancerous.  Another method is to conduct a blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen).  An elevated level of PSA in the blood can indicate an early stage of cancer.


    Camphora, Artimisiae, Asari, Curculiginis, Juglandis, Cordyceps, Cerui Pamfotrichum, Neembark and Tongkat Extract.  They are all made from expensive natural plants by using highly sophisticated distillation methods to extract these herbal plant derivatives.


    You can apply the Revitalizing cream to the following areas:

    1. Lower part of Abdomen/Stomach
    This is the source of our attention, chi, and consciousness.  It is the repository of our health and energy.  If you want to increase your level of energy, you must learn to take care of your lower abdomen.

    2. Groin
    Prostate is located on the inner part of the groin.  Lightly apply the Revitalizing Cream on the groin take care of your prostate.

    3. Testicle
    Testicle is the manufacturing plant of male sperms.  It supplies 1% of the semen with nutrients that nurture the sperm cells and sends the sperms to the seminal vesicle via the vas deferens.  Without proper care, the testicles may harden, and the side-effect includes decreased sperm count.  If the condition is severe, testicular cancer may ensue.

    4. Anus
    The sphincter muscle around our anus loosens with age, approximately after age 40.  This causes early ejaculation during sexual activity.  It may also inhibit a hardening penis from becoming erect.

    5. Tail bone or Caudal Vertebra
    The tail bone is situated at the very bottom of our spine.  After sitting too long in improper postures, our nervous system is impaired and our thinking may become more muddled and influence our judgements.

    6. Due to pregnancy, women exert pressure on their bladder, leading to urinary incontinence after giving birth.  Older people may suffer from a dysfunctional bladder and urinary incontinence as well.  In this case, apply the Revitalizing Cream over the lower abdomen, groin, tailbone and anus.  If you apply Revitalizing Cream after pregnancy, it also helps the vaginal tract to shrink and retract.


    Please shower with warm water (because it helps open up the pores on our skin to produce more efficient effects), dry thoroughly and apply the cream over the above-mentioned areas of your body.  Lightly massage the areas for one minute, and feel the results after one week of continuing use.  After the first week, you only have to apply it once or twice a week for maintenance and preservation of health.

    Our cellular capabilities are weakened through improper ingestion of prescription drugs, as well as breathing in chemicals, pollutants and recycled air.  To stimulate our body’s potential, maintain the vitality of our cells, and prolong life are the main driving forces behind the creation of this great product.

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