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    Characteristics of  Colonlite capsules:

    The Colonlite is composed of natural ingredients of herbal medicines.  It is proven to be effective in treating constipation.  Colonlite can stimulate secretions in intestinal lining, which is important in treating chronic constipation in elderly people.  Colonlite works by increasing secretions in intestinal lining and assisting the passage of waste products through the digestive system.  No laxative is added in Colonlite.  

    What Colonlite can do:

    1. It can help you to solve the problem of constipation

    2. It can eliminate waste products retained in the system (this can decrease your risk of having colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, blemishes and pigmentations in skin, and other diseases).

    3. It can help you to lose weight (instead of controlling intake of food, Colonlite increases your metabolism rate and decreases absorption of nutrients in small intestine, while assists in removing waste products

    CONSTIPATION– catalyst for premature aging and death!

    According to traditional Chinese medicine, the secret of longevity is keeping a clean bowel.  To track how food goes through the digestive system, it begins with ingested food first being broken down into small chunks in the stomach. 

    • This takes about three to four hours
    • Nutrients are then absorbed via the lining in the small intestine
    • water is reabsorbed in the large intestine
    • The remaining waste product is passed down to colon
    • Waste product is then eliminated in stool.

    When stool is retained in the intestine over a period of time, it becomes dry and hard and is difficult to pass.  This is a condition called constipation.   When you have chronic constipation, toxins from the stool accumulate inside your body.  As a result, you may feel sluggish, tired or bloated. 

    You may also have an increased urge to void your bladder and later even become incontinent.  

    Practitioners in both Eastern and Western medicine have long established that keeping the bowel clean is the key to a healthy body.  Bacteria and toxic chemicals accumulated in the system from constipation will affect the body’s metabolism and eventually lead to a number of medical conditions. Medical experts in Australia concluded, after years of studying bowel habits, that people suffering from chronic constipation have lower intelligence quotients, which is related to 80% of cases of Alzheimer’s disease.  

    Toxic chemicals such as ammonia are released from indigestible proteins in the intestine, and then out of the body through bowel movements.

    For people suffering from constipation, these chemicals remain in the intestine and are reabsorbed.  When the liver is not able to cope with the increased workload to clear these toxic chemicals, they are transported via the bloodstream to the brain.  Over time, these toxic chemicals will damage the central nervous system, and affect cognitive functions.

    Cancer researchers in Toronto have discovered that an agent, found in the stool from people with constipation, is linked to a number of known carcinogens (cancer causing agents).  The risk of breast cancer is greatly increased as these agents can be transported to the mammary glands through the circulatory system.  Mothers and daughters, it is important to keep your bowels clean in order to minimize your risk of having breast cancer!

    Constipation can be the root of having bad skin.  A congested large intestine affects metabolism in your body, and block nutrients that supply nourishment to the skin cells.  Your skin will look pale, dry and coarse.  You can also develop blemishes, acne, rashes, and pigmentations.  Healthy skin and healthy intestinal system go hand in hand!

    It is recommended that your daily intake of cholesterol should not be over 300 mg.  Cholesterol is a fat-soluble alcohol, and can be obtained from eating meat products as well as metabolizing from sucrose or fat.  Normally, extra cholesterol content is broken down by bile released from the liver and is eliminated in the faeces.  However, this is not the case for people suffering from constipation.

    Cholesterol content left behind in the bowel is reabsorbed by the intestine and turned into fat, usually accumulated around the waist.   

    The path to premature death: 

    • chronic constipation
    • higher cholesterol level
    • hardening of artery walls
    • inadequate blood supply to heart and brain
    • cardiac diseases
    • premature death


    First, you need to understand what causes constipation, especially chronic constipation in the elderly.  Constipation occurs when there is not enough water content in the large intestine. Theoretically, if you have a good digestive system, you should have three bowel movements every day. Traditional medical thinking considers a low-fibre diet and lack of exercise are the factors.  Most people today tend to have a diet low in fibre, or they are exposed to high levels of stress.  However, researchers in the United States now believe that constipation is a condition accompanied with normal aging process.  This is based on the fact that the number of cells containing chloride ions, which control water content in faeces, decreases as we get older.  This results in improper function of the intestinal lining when toxic chemicals are not excreted, leading to skin problems and obesity, and can cause serious illness such as colon cancer.


    4 to 5 tablets taken daily within 30 minutes after dinner or breakfast.


    Ziziphi Spinosae, Cistanches, Cordyceps, Abutili, Hempo Leaf, Armeniacae Amarum

    Storage at room temperature 15° - 25°

    Please Note:   Keep out of reach of children. Do not take while pregnant

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