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Features & Benefits:

The LANLAY Detox Spa is uniquely designed to induce deep perspiration in human body without physical stress and exercise. It helps to avoid sickness and maintain a healthy lifestyle by naturally detoxifying the body. The combination of Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions in the steam increase the temperature inside the LANLAY Detox Spa in order to open up the pores and penetrate the heat deeply into the body. During the therapy, heat inside the body increases up to 42 to 43 degrees Celsius which inactivates the harmful bacteria and penetrates more than five centimeters into the skin even into internal organs and bone marrow. This technique helps to excrete harmful bacteria, heavy metals, positive ions, radiation, residual medications, alcohol, chemicals and toxins out of the body through perspiration glands that are obtained from air, water, daily eating habits and lifestyle.

Our LANLAY Detox Spa helps promote weight loss by burning fatty acids in human body that are built due to unhealthy eating and lack of efficiency which cause obesity. These fatty acids along with positive ions harden and clog the blood vessels and arteries as well as gradually lead to dysfunction in various body systems. The LANLAY Detox Spa releases negative ions which can soften the blood vessels and help with blockage. They work as antioxidants and help neutralizing harmful toxins and prevent the body from their harmful effects. During the therapy, positive ions that increase acidity levels in blood are replaced with negative ions in the body through pores which helps regulate bodily functions, improve oxygen and blood circulation in the body and strengthen the immune system.

LANLAY Detox Spa is beneficial in rejuvenating the skin and to make it smoother and younger. The regular use of this therapy can help reducing the appearance of dark spots caused by Sun or aging, as well as, blemishes and acne that are caused by the clogging of pores with dirt, bacteria and the remains of facial products as it opens up the pores and deeply cleanses them. As a result, skin becomes brighter, smoother, younger and flawless than ever before!

It is vital to detoxify the body regularly in order to prevent negative effects of harmful bacteria and the gradual accumulation of harmful toxins in human body that can weaken the immune system and cause serious health problems in the future. The process of detoxification leads to cell renewal and release of tension from muscles and significantly helps reducing aches and pain. With regular use of the amazingly effective therapies of LANLAY Detox Spa, individuals can begin to live a longer and healthier life than ever before.

Difference between Steaming Bath, Sauna and LANLAY Detox Spa:

 Our body consists of six layers which are skin, pore screen, muscles, tissues, organs and bones. With regular steam baths or saunas, external heat penetrates to the top layer of the skin which causes the body to begin to perspire. In comparison, LANLAY Detox Spa causes deep penetration of heat down to the sixth layer of the body for deeper perspiration in order to completely detoxify the body from harmful substances. Furthermore, the dry heat of saunas dehydrates the body and may cause skin burns or redness. In comparison, LANLAY Detox Spa does not cause dryness and keeps the body moist during the therapy and detoxifies it through perspiration. 

Five Elements of Nature and Human Body:

Ancient Chinese medical history indicates the significance of the five elements of nature and the impacts of the functions of five main organs on human body systems. Each pigment presented in the chart above has been associated with each element of nature as well as one of the organs in human body. In a manner five elements of nature cause positive and negative impacts on each one of them similarly, the five main organs of the human body affect one another as well as the body systems in positive and negative ways. The above diagram represents that if the organs function appropriately and are in a healthy state, they cause a positive influence on human body systems and organs. Likewise, if one of the five main organs is not able to function appropriately or is not in a healthy state, would certainly cause a negative impact on the other organs as well as on the human body systems. Each pigment in the Perspiration Pigment Chart represents which organ of the body is not in a perfectly healthy state when the particular pigment associated with that organ is reflected in perspiration after the process of detoxification in LANLAY Detox Spa. The tastes presented in the perspiration chart indicate the type of diet mostly that particular individual intakes when their perspiration contains a certain pigment after the therapy. For example, an individual whose perspiration contains black pigment would mostly have consumed diets containing high amounts of sodium which can retain water in human body and cause negative effects on Kidney. However, intake of other harmful substances or drugs such as steroids and hydrocortisone can also cause the reflection of black pigment in perspiration.

Perspiration Pigment Description:

  • Transparent: Indicates that perspiration glands are not completely opened and require 5-7 treatments for deeper penetration and to unclog the pores
  • White/Milky: Indicates lymph or Lung conditions
  • Yellow: Indicates stomach and spleen conditions
  • Green: Indicates gall bladder and liver conditions
  • Red: Indicates heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions            
  • Black: Indicates kidney conditions, heavy metals or toxins in the blood stream such as aluminum, mercury and lead
  • Blue: Indicates drug or radiation residue


  • Be seated inside the pre-heated LANLAY Detox Spa for 20 minutes until the deep body perspiration occurs
  • Cover the top of the LANLAY Detox Spa with a clean towel for deep head-to-toe perspiration


  • Do not use if experience difficulty breathing
  • Our LANLAY Detox Spa is suitable for all ages excluding infants
  • Heart patients are advised to consult physicians prior to use of this therapy

Note: Spots of pigmented perspiration can be seen on the towel during or after the therapy due to the release of harmful bacteria and toxins from the body.

Price List:

1 Session----------------$70

5 Sessions---------------$60/Per Session

10 Sessions-------------$50/Per Session


Service in Chinese: 647-887-2789
Service in English: 647-609-1220




 Published By: Sabiha Susan